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Yes, you get to pick.

In our experience, there are three arrangements that work well for both our clients and our candidates.  All three offer some level of stability and flexibility for both your company and the employee, making the relationship a win-win for all.

Contract: One of the most flexible arrangements, hiring a contractor offers you the option to complete important projects and then move on to new tasks- often with different contractors who possess other skill sets. It affords you with the flexibility to define the time periods you need extra help and the time periods you cannot carry the burdens associated with another employee.  Additionally, hiring an Elwood Professional contractor gives you the opportunity to bring in high-demand skills and experience quickly and, often, at a fraction of the cost associated with a direct hire.

Contract- to- Hire: It’s the classic “try before you buy” scenario; and, as an Elwood Professional client, you get some say in the outcome.  In a contract-to-hire situation, our contractor will work for you for a pre-defined period of time.  At the end of that contract, both you and the contractor can evaluate the overall experience and your individual future plans and decide if a long-term position makes sense.

Direct Hire: If you are looking for a full-time, long-term employee, a direct hire relationship is the perfect fit.  Direct hire is just what it sounds like: we find the best-fit employee and you hire him or her directly into your company.  Elwood Professional recruiters do all of the work, and you reap all of the benefits.


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