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Don’t see the industry you’re lookin’ for?

That’s OK. There is a good chance we can still find an employer looking for your unique skill set. Our business, at a very basic level, is simply matching candidates with client companies. Over time, our recruiters become specialists in the positions and industries they see most often; but, like all other hunters out there, they are excited by the challenge associated with placements in new or different industries. 

We have a large database of clients and potential clients, and we are always marketing the skills of our unique candidates.  We work hard to make sure that you do not remain a name in a vast database, and we do this by actively promoting your skill set to clients who may not realize they are looking. For you.  It’s that little bit of, shall we say, je ne sais quoi that makes us, well, us.

So, give us a shout. We’ll work together to find your next employment opportunity.

Please upload your resume or contact our recruiting team.


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